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Excelcior Spider-Man fans! Welcome to episode 7 of the Spectacular Webs podcast. This is yet another special episode as we are joined by a special guest and good friend Bertone from the Clone Saga Chronicles.

In this episode, we lose our mind in discussing the introduction of the Green Goblin. Then we Boogie down about how awesome Mary Jane is and how she is a true Yankee Rose! We also discuss if Gwen has a green eyed monster of her own and if Harry has taken a turn for the worse.

Remember that you can also find the show on Itunes, so remember to leave us Itunes reviews. You also can leave us fan mail at spectacularwebs@yahoo.com. So, untill next time Spider-Man fans. STAY SPECTACULAR!


Excelsor Spiderman fans, welcome to the epic, extra long 6th episode of the Spectacular Webs podcast. In this fantastic episode, we review episode six the "Spectacular Spiderman". This episode is entitled, "The Invisible Hand".

In this episode, we cove the introduction of four, count them, FOUR new characters. We Ram throught the massive fight between Spider-man and the Rhino. Explain why Aunt May is a EVIL, EVIL, Women. And FINALLY discuss the introduction of Mary Jane Watson and the 8 most famous words in spiderman history. "FACE IT TIGER, YOU JUST HIT THE JACKPOT" Afterwards, we finally delve into our long held off feelings about the current state of Spider-Man comics.

Remember, you can find the show on Itunes and please remember to leave us Itune review. You can also find the show and talk to other fans of the show along with us at http://www.thecomicforums.com/forum2//index.php?showforum=306. You can send us email at spectacularwebs@yahoo.com. So, until next time Spider-Man fans. STAY SPECTACULR!


Excecior spiderman fans, welcome to episode 5 of the Spectacular Webs podcast. This episode we talk about episode 5 of Spectacular Spiderman entitled "Compatition.

In this episode, we rant about the sandman and how alot of this episode take alot from the third Spiderman movie. After that, we talk a little football, a little Harry Osborn, and why Aunt May can't see the junk on the celling. Oh, and a little mention about Ann Watson neice!^_^

Remember, you can find the show on itunes. Please leave us an Itune review, or leave us an email at spectacularwebs@yahoo.com. We now have forum space, which you can find at http://www.thecomicforums.com/forum2//index.php?showforum=306. There, you can find past episode, along with shooting the wind with us. So, untill next time Spiderman fans. STAY SPECTACULAR!!!


Exclecior spiderman fans! Welcome to the fourth episode of the Spectacular Webs podcast. In this episode, we discuss the fourth episode of the series entitled "Market Forces". First, we read not one, but two Itune reviews. Then we dive into the episode after Don's recap.

We discuss the continued use of dark color in ths episode and how it will get lighter and lighter in the coming episode. We spin about the difference of this arcs theme, "Responsibilty" and the last arc, "Choices". We blast about the design and idenity of the Shocker. We report on the importance of the Daily Bugle and formulate the start of Harry's decent into the darkness. And face it tiger, we discuss the introduction of a new charcater who we won't fully discuss till episode 6.

Remember, you can find the show on Itunes and while you there, please leave Itune review. You can also email the show at spectacularwebs@yahoo.com .


Hey spiderman fans, welcome to episode 3 of the Spectacular Webs Podcast! On this episode, we review episode 3 of the Spectacular Spiderman animation series which is also the end of the first arc of the series entitled "Natural Selection". After realizing we have no emails or itune reviews, we step right into the episode recap with Donomark.

Afterwards, we cover these talking points. The Lizards jungle beats, The Lizards design, Why the lizard is played by the same guys who does the voice of Olmac on "The Legends Of The Hidden Temple", The Conners family Dynamic, Peter and Gwens Relationship advanceing in the story, and the moral of "Choices" though this episode and the arc.

So stay warm while listening to this episode. I apologize for some bad sound quality, I had my mic too low. Remember that you can find the show at podmatic.com by serching for "Spectacular Webs". Were also on itunes. Search for the show on itunes by looking for "Spectacular Webs" and please leave Reviews, we very much need them. If you have any comments, question, or viewer mail for the show, you can email us at spectacularwebs@yahoo.com. That it for this month, and from all of us here at Spectacular Webs. We want to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hannukah, and a Happy New Year!


Hey Spidey Fans, were back covering episode 2 of the Spectacular Spiderman entitled "Intervention. First we read our first Itunes review from an avid Spec Webs fan.

Afterward, Don give us a episode recap to which dive into Spectacular Spiderman musical connection to Batman Beyond and a scene which we felt didn't work for us visually. Then we tackle Electro visual design, and after a quick commercial break electrify ourself with the difference between this version of Electro and the comic version. We then inject ourself with the forshadowing of Doc Conners in the next episode and glare at the relationship of Liz, Peter, and Gwen (I think Don has a crush on LizLaughing).

Remember, we're now on Itunes. So go over there and search "Spectacular Webs" and remember to leave a review. You can also send me viewer mail to my podmatic account by clicking said button on the right side of the homepage under the picture. So untill next month fans, STAY SPECTACULAR!!!


Hey there spidey fans, welcome to episode 1 of the Spectacular Webs Podcast. Now that we have introduced  ourselves, we dive in to the first episode of Spectacular Spiderman, "Survival of the Fittest".

After a recap by the great Donomark, we discuss wheather or not we should see spiderman in the wwe. Then we debate the use of the 2004 "Marvel Knights Spiderman" valture costume over the classic one along wit how awesome it is haveing Freddy Krueger voice him. We then dive into the history of the of the Inforcer before finishing up the episode about why this Gwen Stacy is so much better then the comic version. So, enjoy the episode and stay Spectacular. 

Hey Spidey fan! I'm your spectacular host, Thomas "Primetime" Matis", and I present to you the intro episode of a brand new podcast. The "Spectacular Webs" podcast. Me and my partner Donamark are dedicated to giving in depth review of every episode of the "Spectacular Spiderman" aninemation series.

In this episode, we let you know who we are, and why we're doing this podcast. And then, for those who survive the first 15 minutes, we talk about the "Spectacular Spiderman" series. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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